The DeathList 2013

On today, gone tomorrow.

The DeathList 2013

The DeathList committee has completed its deliberations and finalised DeathList 2013. To recap, the list comprises the celebrities thought, in the opinion of the DeathList committee, most likely to pass away during 2013. The candidates must have a level of famousness such that their death is expected to be reported by the UK media, however their fame cannot be result purely from the fact they are likely to die shortly. The other main rule is that only a maximum of half the list can comprise of candidates on the previous year’s list. DeathList 2012 saw a return to form with a final score 12 dead, however the list had some notable misses. Some strong new candidates appear on the 2013 list, however, although he may float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, there’s no place on DeathList 2013 for Muhammad Ali!

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Appear   Name Age Desc Discuss
1413Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Ronnie Biggs84AmbassadorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 1091 posts
2 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Hugo Chavez59President of VenezuelaSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 283 posts
3 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Mikhail Kalashnikov94Inventor of AK47Speech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 89 posts
4 Star (First Listing Icon) Clive James74TV presenterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 83 posts
584Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Erich Priebke100NaziSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 41 posts
6177 Chapman Pincher99Journalist/InvestigatorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 47 posts
7165Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Anna Wing99Eastenders Lou BealeSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 66 posts
8127 Zsa Zsa Gabor96ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 584 posts
9 2 João Havelange 97Ex Fifa presidentSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 90 posts
10 Star (First Listing Icon) George Bush Senior89Former President of USASpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 201 posts
11911 Eli Wallach98ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 135 posts
12318Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Nelson Mandela95PoliticianSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 843 posts
13 Star (First Listing Icon) Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh92Casual rascistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 427 posts
14 Star (First Listing Icon) Gough Whitlam97Former Australian PMSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 92 posts
15252 Hosni Mubarak85Former Egyptian PresidentSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 247 posts
16 3 Ian Paisley87UnionistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 251 posts
171011 Kirk Douglas97ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 211 posts
18206 Olivia De Havilland97ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 77 posts
192710 Fidel Castro87DictatorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 1189 posts
20 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Bernadette Nolan53Nolan sisterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 114 posts
21 5 Vera Lynn96SingerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 203 posts
22 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Henry Cecil70Racehorse trainerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 55 posts
23294 Denis Healey96Eyebrowed politicanSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 48 posts
24 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Reg Presley72TroggSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 36 posts
2552 Harper Lee87AuthorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 64 posts
26 2 Bob Dole90PoliticanSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 46 posts
27143Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Patty Andrews95Last survivor of The Andrews SistersSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 64 posts
28 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Michael Winner78Film directorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 100 posts
29246Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Margaret Thatcher88Milk SnatcherSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 1747 posts
30324 Peter O'Sullevan95UK horse racing commentatorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 48 posts
31137 Billy Graham95EvangelistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 383 posts
32303 Helmut Schmidt95Former German ChancellorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 24 posts
33335 Al Molinaro94Happy Days AlSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 51 posts
34 2 Richard Attenborough90Film directorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 95 posts
35372 PD James93AuthorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 33 posts
36 Star (First Listing Icon) Richard Adams93Watership Down authorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 9 posts
37359 Jake Lamotta92BoxerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 124 posts
38 3 Nancy Reagan92ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 182 posts
39 Star (First Listing Icon) Peter Sallis92Last of the Summer WinerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 61 posts
40 Star (First Listing Icon) Doris Day91ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 40 posts
41 Star (First Listing Icon) Stan Lee91Marvel comicsSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 35 posts
42234 General Jaruzelski90ex Polish PMSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 193 posts
43363 Henry Kissinger90DiplomatSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 49 posts
44 Star (First Listing Icon) Pete Seeger94Protest singerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 41 posts
45 Star (First Listing Icon) Nicholas Parsons90TV quiz show hostSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 42 posts
46 Star (First Listing Icon) Elaine Stritch88ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 47 posts
47466 Fats Domino85SingerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 68 posts
48 2 James Garner85Jim RockfordSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 62 posts
49 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Peter O'Toole81ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 31 posts
50 4 Ian Brady75All round Mr Nice GuySpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 276 posts
Key To Symbols Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon) Dead Star (First Listing Icon) First Appearance

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