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Picture of Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb

Bee Gee

Year of birth:1949
Died:20th May 2012
Wiki Link:Robin Gibb
1 apperance:2012

No more Staying Alive

Robin Gibb has ended the "will he, won't he" speculation by passing away from cancer aged 62. The co-founder of the Bee Gees becomes the third of the Gibb brothers to die, giving DeathList 2012 its fourth success of the year and the second inside of a one day. His passing has been described as a "Tragedy" and leaves the one remaining Gibb brother being asked by reporters "How Deep is your Bruv?". Gibb was the number 2 selection on this year's list, making his first appearance, and, in a rare event, sees the top three DeathList candidates all passing. On a day when a man who caused much pain and suffering for people throughout the world is taken from us by cancer, it's a little sad to see him steal the headlines of the death of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi.

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