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Picture of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela


Year of birth:1918
Died:5th Dec 2013
Wiki Link:Nelson Mandela
8 apperances:2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2006 | 1991 | 1989

Nelson's Solemn

Despite the slowing hit rate of DeathList 2013, there was no missing the biggest death of the year, that being Nelson Mandela. An activist and politician who spearheaded the campaign to dismantle apartheid in South Africa, Mandela made his first appearance on DeathList in 1989 while serving the last of his 27 years in prison. With Mandela looking quite frail on his eventual release in 1990, he made a second appearance on the list in 1991, however it soon became clear his work on this earth was not done and he went on to become South Africa first black president in 1994. Into his 90s, Mandela’s health started to fail and finally, after eight appearances on the list, the universally respected figure succumbed. Unlike some candidates, his achievement of providing DeathList 2013 with its tenth success of the year ranks well down the list of what he achieved in his lifetime.

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