The DeathList 2009

On today, gone tomorrow.

The DeathList 2009

Another year, another DeathList. The DeathList committee has been in session and drawn up a its list of 50 celebrities chosen for their likelihood to die in 2009. A quick recap of the unwritten rules: Candidates must have be famous in their own right such that their death is expected to be reported by the UK media, however candidates cannot be famous purely for the fact they are likely to die soon. A maximum of 25 candidates on the previous year’s list can reappear on the next year’s list. A fine performance from Deathlist 2008, with a record-equalling 14 deaths, makes expectations high for the 2009 list. The ongoing battle with medical science continues as it slowly but surely makes the challenge greater each year, but hopefully this is offset by the endless research of the forum members in combing the news sources of the world for nuggets of information on those who ready to claim a DeathList success as their final contribution to society.

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Appear   Name Age Desc Discuss
149 Ronnie Biggs80AmbassadorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 1110 posts
2 Star (First Listing Icon) Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi57Lockerbie BomberSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 372 posts
356 Oscar Niemeyer102ArchitectSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 406 posts
4 Star (First Listing Icon) João Havelange 93Ex Fifa presidentSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 107 posts
567Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Claude Levi-Strauss101ScientistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 202 posts
6463Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Bobby Robson76Football ManagerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 170 posts
7810 Michael Foot96TrampSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 258 posts
8103 Chapman Pincher95Journalist/InvestigatorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 65 posts
9117Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Karl Malden97ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 95 posts
10127 Eli Wallach94ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 135 posts
1197 Fidel Castro83DictatorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 1340 posts
12 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Patrick Swayze57ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 334 posts
1376 Norman Wisdom94ComedianSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 367 posts
14 Star (First Listing Icon) Seve Ballesteros52GolferSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 75 posts
15136 Yitzhak Shamir94Ex PM IsraelSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 90 posts
16167 Kirk Douglas93ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 288 posts
17 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Susan Atkins61Manson FamilySpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 71 posts
18 Star (First Listing Icon) Kim Jong-il68N Korean RulerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 202 posts
19 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Wendy Richard66EastenderSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 50 posts
20 Star (First Listing Icon) George Steinbrenner79NY Yankees OwnerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 23 posts
21 4Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Walter Cronkite93JournalistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 207 posts
22195 Herbert Lom92ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 70 posts
23 3Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Vincent O'Brien92Horse TrainerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 28 posts
24337 John Demjanjuk89Nazi CollaboratorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 96 posts
25254 Dino de Laurentiis91Film ProducerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 0 posts
26224 Betty Ford91Clinic ownerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 125 posts
27 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Edward Kennedy77PoliticianSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 183 posts
28244 Billy Graham91EvangelistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 466 posts
29 4 Nelson Mandela91PoliticianSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 271 posts
30 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Ludovic Kennedy90InterviewerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 25 posts
31 Star (First Listing Icon) Ravi Shankar89MusicianSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 38 posts
32315 Jake Lamotta88BoxerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 140 posts
33 2 Harry Morgan94M*A*S*H*Speech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 72 posts
34 7 Mickey Rooney89ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 121 posts
35482 Captain Beefheart68MusicianSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 60 posts
36 Star (First Listing Icon) Nancy Reagan88ActressSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 233 posts
37 2 John Forsythe91Blake CarringtonSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 30 posts
38362 Blake Edwards87Movie directorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 23 posts
39 Star (First Listing Icon) Christopher Lee87ActorSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 145 posts
40382 Jack Klugman87QuincySpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 40 posts
41 Star (First Listing Icon) Pierre Cardin87Fashion DesignerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 15 posts
42408 Patrick Moore86AstronomerSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 701 posts
43 Star (First Listing Icon) B B King84BluesmanSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 145 posts
44 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Robert Novak78JournalistSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 48 posts
45 2 Margaret Thatcher84Milk SnatcherSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 1748 posts
46454 Elizabeth Taylor77WifeSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 272 posts
47 4 Vaclav Havel73Czech PMSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 49 posts
485013 Clive Dunn89DeathList FavouriteSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 504 posts
49 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Dai Llewellyn63SocialiteSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 40 posts
50233 Ariel Sharon81Ex-Israeli Prime MinisterSpeech Bubble (Forum Topic Icon) 843 posts
Key To Symbols Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon) Dead Star (First Listing Icon) First Appearance

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