The DeathList 2003

On today, gone tomorrow.

The DeathList 2003

Deathlist 2003 is an expertly compiled list of 50 celebrities selected for their likelihood to die during 2003. The first Deathlist was drawn up in 1987 and each year since then has achieved various degrees of success. Deathlist 2002 had 10 successes - equalling the record performance for the fourth year in a row. The only main rules in compiling the Deathlist is that no more than 25 of the candidates must have appeared on the previous year's list and that the candidates must be famous enough to ensure that their deaths are newsworthy (in the UK at least). Email us with your comments and suggestions for next years list at

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Appear   Name Age Desc
1 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Warren Zevon56Singer/songwriter
2313Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Bob Hope100Entertainer
31510 Pope John Paul II83Pope
4 2Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Gregory Peck87Actor
545 Max Schmeling98Hitler's Boxer (or maybe not)
664Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Leni Riefenstahl101Hitler's Film Director
778 Princess Alice102Queen Mum's sister-in-law
8 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Strom Thurmond101US Senator
9122 Albert Hofmann97Creator of LSD
1013 Ronnie Biggs74Ambassador
1196 Fay Wray96King Kong's squeeze
12811Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Katharine Hepburn96Actress
13109 Alistair Cooke95Broadcaster
14372Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Edward Teller95Hydrogen bomb inventor
15383 Estée Lauder97Fashion leader
16418 John Mills95Actor
17136 Simon Wiesenthal95Nazi Hunter
18433Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Elia Kazan94Director
19465Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Hardy Amies94Dress maker
20232 Joseph Barbera92Cartoonist (Hanna-Barbera)
21174 Lord Scarman92Judge
222513 Ronald Reagan92(former) Idiot
23315Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Thora Hird92Actress
24426 Lord James Callaghan91ex-PM
25 Star (First Listing Icon)Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Barry Sheene53Motorcyclist
26 2 Bill Deedes90Journalist
27 3 Gerald Ford90ex US President
28 2 Jack Jones90ex TUC Leader
29224 Michael Foot90Tramp
30243 Karl Malden91Actor
31 2Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Denis Thatcher88Drunkard
32 Star (First Listing Icon) Harry Morgan88M*A*S*H*
33 2 Norman Wisdom88Comedian
34 7 Red Adair88Fire Fighter
35 2 Yitzhak Shamir88Ex PM Israel
36 3 PW Botha87Dictator (deposed)
37 2 Walter Cronkite87Journalist
38477 Kurt Waldheim85Nazi
39 Star (First Listing Icon) King Taufa'ahau Tupou84King of Tonga
40 Star (First Listing Icon) Jack Palance83Actor
41 4 Mickey Rooney83Actor
42 2 Zsa Zsa Gabor86Actress
43 3 Peter Ustinov82Writer, Actor & Raconteur
44482 Suharto82Ex President of Indonesia
45 3 Eric Sykes80Comedian
46 Star (First Listing Icon) Johnny Carson78TV Presenter
47 2Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Idi Amin77Ex-dictator
48 4 Yassir Arafat74Terrorist
49 2Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon)Johnny Cash71Singer
50 3 Vaclav Havel67Czech PM
Key To Symbols Skull & Crossbones (Dead Icon) Dead Star (First Listing Icon) First Appearance

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