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In Topic: Dead Pop Stars

Today, 05:14 AM

Jimi Jamison at 63.

Became the lead singer for Survivor after Eye of the Tiger era, ut more to the point, he wrote and sang the theme to Baywatch :D

In Topic: 4. Sam Simon

Today, 04:50 AM

If he is down to getting his 'medical' grass blessed by his Navajo healer,

then, in my opinion, he is straw clutching.

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In Topic: World's Oldest

Yesterday, 05:44 PM


Birthday gal lost her proof 40 years ago..

But by fuck, she looks 127.

In Topic: The Chequered Flag

Yesterday, 05:28 PM


Jonathon Williams at 71, made a total of 1 GP starts.

In Topic: Ideas And Possibilities For 2015

30 August 2014 - 03:41 PM

Sticking with fitba, an update on Ricksen.