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In Topic: Ideas And Possibilities For 2015

Today, 01:16 PM

Old captain Beaky himself, Keith Michell , is now in his late 80's.

Anyone know what his health is like ?

In Topic: Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness

Today, 11:36 AM

Ossy Bradley....


http://www.belfastte...30466334.htmlbr />.

They love their flegs so they do... , wrapped in a union jack swimming out to an island to pull down the tricolour and drowns.....S'ok though, the flegs were removed by men in fuckin canoes :D

In Topic: DL's Video Vault

Today, 08:47 AM

Coming to a TV near you soon ....

In Topic: Hollywood Possibilities

Yesterday, 04:49 AM

Moco no more

Peter Marquardt at 50


In Topic: 4. Sam Simon

27 July 2014 - 12:34 PM

Way better Spade than harvesting Sam's organs....

Lungs will be shot with all the cigars.