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Today, 01:36 PM

If only there was an "ideas and possibilities" thread for July.


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Today, 01:19 PM

Wasn't sure if she's "famous for being ill" , posh bint, downing st and charity work ffs.

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Today, 06:03 AM

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Shit DDP pick is shit.

Helen Fawkes; showing up lazy DDPers since 2012...


It’s all over now. My last chemo, thankfully, was a couple of weeks ago. It’s probably not the final one ever but it’s the last one for a while. Maybe for months. Hopefully for years.


Appreciate I'm late on this but her cancer's still incurable, no? She's still pretty doomed

Guess who's back ? Back again?


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Yesterday, 05:18 AM

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Nope, sponsored by Stobart - who've just ended 18 years as CUFC's main sponsor to be replaced by Virgin Trains -

Does this mean that all the players and the dedicated fans are going to be pictured in a shirt with the word Virgin emblazoned across the front?

At least there shouldn't be any issue with advertising standards.

I remember years ago when Arsenal were playing in Italy when they had Sega on their shirts.

Sega = a term for wanker in Italian iirc..... no problems there then either.

Got a works Golf doo on Friday which could will get messy, but hangover permitting/assuming I've stopped drinking by 8am, it looks like an attempt by me for Lossiemouth on Saturday.

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21 July 2014 - 08:53 PM

Alex Angulo has died at 61, this was his most famous screen death,,,,,