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Random bit of trivia: according to Paul Darrow, Bellingham's tight-fitting costume burst open when she guest-starred in Blake's 7. Sounds like she was a good sport about it. What would Avon have made of those two massive mammaries staring at him? :P

The costume may have been tight-fitting, but her tits weren't that big.

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Not too bad for what I believe is nowadays called a MILF.

Technically she wouldn't have been a MILF in 1980/81 as it was a couple more years before she had children.
I'd agree she was reasonably attractive
R. I. P. M. I. L. F.

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Fraser''s grown a conscience in his old age. It is a pity PMs - of all political persuasions - don't possess them while they are in office.

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Letters: http://www.abc.net.a...of-note/5829520

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Gough quotes:


Note this one: "Conscription is an impediment to achieving the forces Australia needs. It is an alibi for failing to give proper conditions to regular soldiers. We will abolish conscription forthwith. By abolishing it, Australia will achieve a better army, a better-paid army – and a better, united society."

So he wasn't even ending conscription because it was the morally right thing to do or because the Vietnam War was a terrible mistake. It was purely for utilitarian purposes. Ie, he did the right thing, for the wrong reason. :( :( :(

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Oh right.

Wow, this is like you guys' Thatcher or something isn't it.

Not really, he was a "progressive" (left-leaning) politician, unlike Thatcher; he had a brief premiership (less than a full term), unlike Thatcher; he was easily outmanoeuvered by his main political enemy etc. Maybe an anti-thesis of Thatcher?

I meant in terms of reaction upon death, fucknut.

(p.s. Holy shit, look at the front page... we have "details"! They're followin' and everything!)

When Maggie Thatcher died, her "fans" have propelled "Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead!" to #2 on the UK singles chart; if fact, the theme of the day of her death had inspired numerous punk-ish songs (Pete Wylie [ The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies!…: ; Hefner: The Day that Thatcher Dies: ) years before she actually kicked the bucket. I'd doubt that good old Gough Whitlam would get a similar treatment. But feel free to prove me wrong!
That definitely won't happen.

Anyway, put it this way: the conservative side don't really have a reason to loathe him - after all, they won! His governement was dismissed and then the Liberals were voted in at the next election.

His ALP supporters won't turn the funeral into a time for recriminations either. If ever there is a controversial, it will be when his arch-rival and successor Malcolm Fraser dies (and I think Whitlam and Fraser buried the hatchet a while ago anyway.)

I expect there to be more animosity around the funeral of Keating (for bad economic policies) or John Howard (Iraq and Afghan Wars.)