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In Topic: The Dead Of 2014

29 July 2014 - 08:21 PM

Can't see this anywhere else, but I am terrible at finding thing on this site.

And The Darwin Award goes to :-


In Topic: The Fringes of Fame/Family of the Famous

29 July 2014 - 08:13 PM

The dad of Carlos Tevez was kidnapped in Argentina today for about 8 hours until ransom of about £30k was paid. He was released.when it was paid.


In Topic: Survivors

17 July 2014 - 11:35 PM

1987: de Cesaris, Osbourne (2/31)
1989: Bruno, Ditka, Ian Paisley, Osbourne, Brian Wilson, Jenkins, Cole (7/32)
1990: Noriega, Aznavour, Queen Elizabeth II, Alliss, Ditka, Williams, Winfrey, Waite (8/42)
1991: Gabor, Beenhakker (2/40)
1992: Ryder (1/37)
1993: Bennett, Ian Paisley, Kissinger, Ray Kennedy, Lineker, Jerry Lee Lewis (6/56)
1994: Castro, White, Kirkbride, Holly Johnson, Thorpe, Shilton (6/50)
1995: Castro, Holly Johnson, Forsyth, Connery (4/50)
1996: Mr T, Thorpe, Domino, Castro (4/50)
1997: Domino, Kirk Douglas (2/50)
1998: (0/50)
1999: Leeson, Simon (2/50)
2000: Farrakhan (1/50)
2001: Tutu, Minelli, Pincher, Wouk (4/50)
2002: Brady, Kirk Douglas (2/50)
2003: Gabor (1/50)
2004: Brady, Musharraf, Kirk Douglas, Michelmore, Mugabe (5/50)
2005: Karzai, Maradona, LaMotta, de Havilland, O'Sullevan, Castro, Jerry Lewis (7/50)
2006: Kirk Douglas, Lynn, Bouteflika, Graham, Ali, LaMotta (6/50)
2007: Castro, Graham, Tim Johnson, Piper, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Lynn, LaMotta, Molinaro, Vigoda, Jerry Lewis, Farrakhan (12/50)
2008: Castro, Pincher, Kirk Douglas, Domino, Gabor, Lynn, Graham, Watson, LaMotta, Karzai, Charles Taylor (11/50)
2009: Havelange, Pincher, Castro, Kirk Douglas, Graham, LaMotta, Nancy Reagan, Christopher Lee, Cardin, B B King (10/50)
2010: Gabor, Pincher, Castro, Kirk Douglas, Wouk, de Havilland, Healey, Tork, Edrich, Graham, Bough, O'Sullevan, Molinaro, LaMotta, Norden, Attenborough, B B King, Lansbury, Jerry Lewis, Domino, Garner (21/50)
2011: Gabor, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Healey, Edrich, LaMotta, Khamenei, Jerry Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Dole, Cheney, Pincher, Ellison, Schmidt, Molinaro, Brady, Cardin, Lynn, Michael Douglas, Nancy Reagan, (20/50)
2012: Harper Lee, Kirk Douglas, Adulyadej, Gabor, Graham, Pincher, Wouk, de Havilland, Mubarak, Lawson, Castro, Healey, Schmidt, O'Sullevan, Molinaro, LaMotta, Kissinger, PD James, Macnee, Mugabe, Van Dyke, Randi, Aziz, Ali, Berry, Domino, Gaddafi, Hawking (28/50)
2013: Clive James, Pincher, Gabor, Havelange, Bush, Prince Philip, Whitlam, Mubarak, Paisley, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Castro, Lynn, Healey, Harper Lee, Dole, O'Sullevan, Graham, Schmidt, Molinaro, Attenborough, PD James, Adams, LaMotta, Nancy Reagan, Sallis, Day, Stan Lee, Kissinger, Parsons, Domino, Garner, Brady (33/50)

Update for Stritch

In Topic: The Dead Of 2014

09 July 2014 - 05:53 PM

I wasn't sure where to put this

BBC Scotland reporting Elenor Gordon also known as Helen Gordon. Scotlands first Olympic medallist has died

EDIT - http://www.heraldsco...s-comp.24705027

In Topic: Football

03 July 2014 - 10:54 PM

View Postcharon, on 03 July 2014 - 08:32 PM, said:

View PostDamon Killian, on 03 July 2014 - 07:50 PM, said:

Scotlands Mini Messi joins Sporting Lisbon. United are in the money Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Sell him for £3M, immediate new price tag £40M, aye good business....................

United will make about £7.5 million with all the add ons.

Debt free thank you very much (as in paying off the guys who took Uniteds debt off the bank). Very good piece of business for us. And still more young talent we can sell if need be.

What a club