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Yesterday, 07:04 PM

View PostThe Unknown Man, on 23 September 2014 - 02:27 AM, said:

American Idol finalist from 2009 Scott MacIntyre is in the need of another kidney transplant.

He's got 6 months until his kidneys fail, according to his doctors. Might be worth keeping an eye on for next year.

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20 October 2014 - 09:45 PM

1987: Osbourne (1/31)
1989: Bruno, Ditka, Osbourne, Brian Wilson, Jenkins, Cole (6/32)
1990: Noriega, Aznavour, Queen Elizabeth II, Alliss, Ditka, Williams, Winfrey, Waite (8/42)
1991: Gabor, Beenhakker (2/40)
1992: Ryder (1/37)
1993: Bennett, Kissinger, Ray Kennedy, Lineker, Jerry Lee Lewis (5/56)
1994: Castro, White, Kirkbride, Holly Johnson, Thorpe, Shilton (6/50)
1995: Castro, Holly Johnson, Forsyth, Connery (4/50)
1996: Mr T, Thorpe, Domino, Castro (4/50)
1997: Domino, Kirk Douglas (2/50)
1998: (0/50)
1999: Leeson, Simon (2/50)
2000: Farrakhan (1/50)
2001: Tutu, Minelli, Wouk (3/50)
2002: Brady, Kirk Douglas (2/50)
2003: Gabor (1/50)
2004: Brady, Musharraf, Kirk Douglas, Michelmore, Mugabe (5/50)
2005: Karzai, Maradona, LaMotta, de Havilland, O'Sullevan, Castro, Jerry Lewis (7/50)
2006: Kirk Douglas, Lynn, Bouteflika, Graham, Ali, LaMotta (6/50)
2007: Castro, Graham, Tim Johnson, Piper, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Lynn, LaMotta, Molinaro, Vigoda, Jerry Lewis, Farrakhan (12/50)
2008: Castro, Kirk Douglas, Domino, Gabor, Lynn, Graham, Watson, LaMotta, Karzai, Charles Taylor (10/50)
2009: Havelange, Castro, Kirk Douglas, Graham, LaMotta, Nancy Reagan, Christopher Lee, Cardin, B B King (9/50)
2010: Gabor, Castro, Kirk Douglas, Wouk, de Havilland, Healey, Tork, Edrich, Graham, Bough, O'Sullevan, Molinaro, LaMotta, Norden, B B King, Lansbury, Jerry Lewis, Domino, (19/50)
2011: Gabor, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Healey, Edrich, LaMotta, Khamenei, Jerry Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Dole, Cheney, Ellison, Schmidt, Molinaro, Brady, Cardin, Lynn, Michael Douglas, Nancy Reagan, (19/50)
2012: Harper Lee, Kirk Douglas, Adulyadej, Gabor, Graham, Wouk, de Havilland, Mubarak, Lawson, Castro, Healey, Schmidt, O'Sullevan, Molinaro, LaMotta, Kissinger, PD James, Macnee, Mugabe, Van Dyke, Randi, Aziz, Ali, Berry, Domino, Gaddafi, Hawking (27/50)
2013: Clive James, Gabor, Havelange, Bush, Prince Philip, Mubarak, Kirk Douglas, de Havilland, Castro, Lynn, Healey, Harper Lee, Dole, O'Sullevan, Graham, Schmidt, Molinaro, PD James, Adams, LaMotta, Nancy Reagan, Sallis, Day, Stan Lee, Kissinger, Parsons, Domino, Brady (27/50)

Updated for Whitlam.

In Topic: Who Will Be The 8th Hit Of 2014?

20 October 2014 - 09:40 PM

Well ladies and gentlemen, we have our 8th hit, Mr. Gough Whitlam.

In Topic: Derby Dead Pool 2014

19 October 2014 - 08:43 PM

Does this count as a suitable UK obit for Jerry Vale?

Vale died on the 18th of May aged 83 and points had not been awarded for the two teams who picked him.

In Topic: Derby Dead Pool 2014

12 October 2014 - 05:39 PM

View Postcurious george, on 12 October 2014 - 10:06 AM, said:

why did 88 yr old Siegfried Lenz get 12 points?

Because he was a unique hit for Zsa-Zsa-ah-ah-ah! Zsa-Zsa-Ooh-la-la!.