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Replying to Foreign Personalities, from Stage, Screen, Politics and Life

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Posted 30 September 2015 - 03:42 PM

sad news, cause I liked him. Hellmuth Karasek, german Journalist, novelist and author of so many books died today. He appeared together with Marcel Reich-Ranitzky, both are the most important literary critic on german TV.


A little sad that the wrong Hellmuth got caught. There are two others in the pipeline instead...


Posted 29 September 2015 - 10:33 PM

sad news, cause I liked him. Hellmuth Karasek, german Journalist, novelist and author of so many books died today. He appeared together with Marcel Reich-Ranitzky, both are the most important literary critic on german TV.

Davey Jones' Locker

Posted 27 September 2015 - 09:59 PM

Pola Illery 1908 Romanian Elderly
Paulette Dubost 1910 French Elderly
Brigitte Borchert 1910 German Elderly
Lupita Tovar 1910 Mexican Elderly

Luise Rainer 1910 German Elderly
Renée Simonot 1911 French Elderly

Annalisa Ericson 1913 Swedish Elderly
Marina von Ditmar 1914 Baltic-German Elderly

Elena Lucena  1914 Argentine Elderly

Amelia Bence 1914 Argentine Elderly
Gisele Casadesus 1914 French Elderly
Danuta Szaflarska 1915 Polish Elderly
Vera Gebuhr 1916 Danish Elderly

Suzy Delair 1917 French Elderly
Lisbeth Movin 1917 Danish Elderly
Danielle Darrieux 1917 French Elderly
Barbro Kollberg 1917 Swedish Elderly
Isuzu Yamadam 1917 Japanese Elderly
Clara Auteri 1918 Italian Elderly

Margot Hielscher 1919 German Elderly
Eva Henning 1920 Swedish Elderly
Setsuko Hara 1920 Japanese Elderly
Yoshiko Ōtaka 1920 Japanese Elderly

Michèle Morgan 1920 French Elderly
Franca Valeri 1920 Italian Elderly
Barbro Hiort af Ornäs 1921 Swedish Elderly
Ellen Vogel 1922 Dutch Elderly
Dora Doll 1922 French Elderly

Micheline Presle 1922 French Elderly
Anne Vernon 1924 French Elderly
Machiko Kyō 1924 Japanese Elderly
Ruth Leuwerik 1924 German Elderly
Nicole Maurey 1925 French Elderly
Annemarie Duringer 1925 Swiss Elderly

Sonja Ziemann 1926 German Elderly
Jacqueline Pagnol 1926 French Elderly

Irene Papas 1926 Greek Elderly
Keiko Tsushima 1926 Japanese Elderly
Emmanuelle Riva 1927 French Elderly

Juliette Greco 1927 French Elderly
Laya Raki 1927 German Elderly
Inga Landgré 1927 Swedish Elderly
Gina Lollobrigida 1927 Italian Elderly

Mirtha Legrand 1927 Argentinian Elderly
Brigitte Auber 1928 French Elderly
Jeanne Moreau 1928 French Elderly

Yvonne Furneaux 1928 French Elderly
Liselotte Pulver 1929 Swiss Elderly
Fernanda Montenegro 1929 Brazilian Elderly
Gunvor Pontén 1929 Swedish Elderly
Yvonne Lombard 1929 Swedish Elderly
Fernanda Montenegro 1929 Brazilian Elderly
Ruth Maria Kubitschek 1931 Czech Elderly

Marianne Koch 1931 German Elderly
Annie Girardot 1931 French Elderly/Alzheimer's
Francois Arnoul 1931 French Elderly
Leslie Caron 1931 French Elderly
Nicole Courcel 1931 French Elderly
Monica Vitti 1931 Italian Elderly/Alzheimer's
Lucia Bose 1931 Italian Elderly
Margarita Lozano 1931 Spanish Elderly
Silvia Pinal 1931 Mexican Elderly
Anita Ekberg 1931 Swedish Elderly
Harriet Andersson 1932 Swedish Elderly
Stephane Audran 1932 French Elderly
Nathalie Pascaud ???? French Elderly

Brigitte Bardot 1934 French Political views/Elderly
Sophia Loren 1934 Italian Elderly

Bibi Andersson 1935 Swedish Elderly
Mylene Demongeot 1935 French Elderly

Ursula Andress 1936 Swiss
Norma Alejandro 1936 Argentine
Carry Tefson 1938 Dutch
Liv Ullmann 1938 Swedish
Claudia Cardinale 1938 Italian
Ann-Margret 1941 Swedish
Catherine Deneuve 1943 French "Curse" of the Last Metro :D
Sylvia Kristel 1952 Dutch Lung cancer
Emmanuelle Béart 1963 French Ex-Lover suicided
Beatrice Dalle 1964 French Relationship with violent criminal
Emmanuelle Seigner 1966 French Kinky lifestyle/stress of being Mrs Polanski
Marion Cotillard 1975 French Death threats

Johannes Heesters 1903 Dutch Elderly

Lukas Ammann 1912 Swiss Elderly

Vladimir Zeldin 1915 Russian Elderly
Herbert Lom 1917 Czech Jew Elderly
George Gaynes 1917 Finnish Elderly
Radu Beligan 1918 Romanian Elderly
Louis Jourdan 1921 French Elderly

Michel Galabru 1922 French Elderly
Mario Almada 1923 Mexican Elderly
Jean Piat 1924 French Elderly
Jean d'Ormesson 1925 French Elderly
Roger Hanin 1925 French Elderly
Gabriele Ferzetti 1925 Italian Elderly
Jan Olof-Strandberg 1926 Swedish Elderly
Karlheinz Bohm 1928 German Elderly
Hardy Kruger 1928 German Elderly
Aleksey Batalov 1928 Russian Elderly
Max von Sydow 1929 Swedish Elderly
Maximillian Schell 1930 Austrian Elderly

Michel Piccoli 1925 French Elderly
Lasse Lönndahl 1928 Swedish Elderly
Jean Rochefort 1930 French Elderly
Michael Lonsdale 1931 French Elderly

Jean-Paul Belmondo 1933 French Elderly
Alain Delon 1935 French Elderly/Organised crime connections

Zdenek Sverak 1936 Czech Already gone beyond the average life expectancy for a Czech!
Rutger Hauer 1944 Dutch Magere Hein's favourite
Jeroen Krabbe 1944 Dutch
Gerard Depardieu 1944 French Grossly obese

Wolfgang Suschitzky 1912 Austro-Hungarian Elderly

Kaneto Shindo 1912 Japanese Elderly
Gabriel Axel 1918 Danish Elderly
Miklós Jancsó 1921 Hungarian Elderly
Chris Marker 1921 French Elderly
Alain Resnais 1922 French Elderly

Francesco Rosi 1922 Italian Elderly
Gustavo Rojo 1923 Uruguayan Elderly
Seijun Suzukzi 1923 Japanese Elderly
Franco Zeffirelli 1923 Italian Elderly
Andrez Wajda 1926 Polish Elderly
Lina Wertmuller 1926 Italian Elderly
Agnes Varda 1928 French Elderly
Edouard Molinaro 1928 French Elderly
Jacques Rivette 1928 French Elderly
Pierre "Monsieur Cinema" Tchernia 1928 French Elderly

Alejandro Jodorowsky 1929 Chilean Elderly
Paolo Taviani 1929 Italian Elderly
Jesse Franco 1930 Spanish Elderly
Jean-Luc Godard 1930 French Elderly
Masahiro Shinoda 1931 Japanese Elderly
Ermanno Olmi 1931 Italian Elderly
Vittorio Taviani 1931 Italian Elderly
George Sluizer 1932 Dutch Elderly
Dusan Mukavejev 1932 Serbian Elderly
Carlos Saura 1932 Spanish Elderly
Jerzy Hoffman 1932 Polish Elderly
Ivan Passer 1933 Czech Elderly
Costa-Gavras 1933 Greek Elderly
Tinto Brass 1933 Italian Elderly and obese
Roman Polanski 1933 Polish Jew Perverted lifestyle

Updated to include centenarian French actress Renée Simonot (Catherine Deneuve's Mum), Elena Lucena and Lukas Ammann.


Posted 22 September 2015 - 07:26 PM

Victor Deme


The Acclaimed  Burkina-Faso musician is dead at 53 from Malaria


UK based Songlines magazine named his 2008 album the best of the year.No English Language obit yet but I think it's likely he will be get mentioned in The Guardian over the next few days.


Posted 15 September 2015 - 05:04 PM

Hey! Since I've had a Swedish hit on my main team 2 years in a row, I'll compile a list of old Swedes that are somewhat notable.

*Under construction*

Egon Sundberg (February 27, 1911): The oldest living Swedish footballer. He played as a left winger in a team in the top league. However, he didn't get any caps in the national team.

Ingeborg Sjöqvist (April 19, 1912): The oldest living Swedish athlete to have competed in the Olympics. She was a diver in the 1932 & 1936 editions.

Ebbe Grimsland (June 11, 1915): Swedish musician, mainly as a violin and mandolin player. He's made more than 200 compositions. Don't know his current health status.

Carl-Henrik Hermansson (December 14, 1917): Political leader for the then called Communist Party of Sweden. Praised Stalin at the time of his death, something he later regretted. His wife died in 2001. Don't know his current health status.

Guje Lagerwall (January 13, 1918): Small-scale actress whose notability comes from the fact that she's the daughter of the famous movie director Victor Sjöström. Don't know her current health status, probably not even obitable anyways.

Gunnel Vallquist (June 19, 1918): Author and translator who is a member of the Swedish Academy (you know, the ones who decide who wins the Nobel Prize in litterature). Don't know her current health status.

Eva Henning (May 10, 1920): Actually born in United States, but appeared in many Swedish films in the 1940s and 1950s. They were mostly directed by her husband Hasse Ekman, a.k.a. one of the greatest Swedish directors of all time. Eva appearently lives in Norway nowadays.

Barbro Hiort af Ornäs (August 28, 1921): Actress who won an award for "Best Actress" in the 1958 Cannes Film Festival. Ok, three other Swedes did as well, but only she and Bibi are still alive. Don't know her current health status.

Olof Hanner (July 12 or December 7, 1922): Mathematician who created many formulas that I don't understand enough to explain here. Except that he helped develope the board game Go! Don't know his current health status.

Ulf Grenander (July 23, 1923): Another highly accomplished mathematician. Here's a book he published just recently in 2012: http://www.amazon.co...t=relevancerank
Not sure if he's living abroads at the moment.


Egon Sundberg is reported dead at 104 here: http://www.deadfamou...ler-died-at-104


He's on the DDP, but as for a UK obit?


Posted 15 September 2015 - 03:04 PM

Mihai Volontir


Prominent Soviet-Era Actor  has died in his native Moldova at age 81

Magere Hein

Posted 13 September 2015 - 04:00 PM

Someone must have invented italics.


Probably a Roman.

Dr. Zorders

Posted 12 September 2015 - 11:18 PM

How come I've never heard of any Asian font designers? Someone must have invented italics.


Posted 12 September 2015 - 07:23 PM


After Hermann Zapf earlier this year, Swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger is reported dead at 87. http://typedrawers.c...-september-2015

Sad to see those two men go. They were both good types.


They were the font of knowledge...

Davey Jones' Locker

Posted 12 September 2015 - 07:22 PM

After Hermann Zapf earlier this year, Swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger is reported dead at 87. http://typedrawers.c...-september-2015

Sad to see those two men go. They were both good types.

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